SILENE uniflora

Part shade
Well drained soil
Pollinator friendly
Pot Size


Height x Spread:  15cm x 30cm

During early to mid summer delicate white tubular flowers with balloon-like calyx appear over low mounding cushions of waxy, pale green foliage.  As its common name 'sea campion' hints, this semi-evergreen british native is generally found at the coast growing in dunes, shingle and even on cliffs where it will slowly creep.

This ankle-high gem is perfect for growing in crevices of walls or in alpine troughs, its flowers and foliage gently tumbling down, but would also be very at home in a coastal or gravel garden.  In common with many other sea-cliff plants occupied by birds it can cope with a high level of nutrients (guano) and thrives in a free-draining soil with some moisture in full sun or light shade.  The bees love it too.