VERBASCUM lychnitis

Well drained soil
100% Peat Free
Pot Size


Verbascum lychnitis

Height x Spread: 120cm x 50cm

A frequent question at the Nursery Shop is 'What will grow in my very chalky, very free draining soil in full sun?   Step forward Verbascum lychnitis which thrives on these conditions.  From a basal rosette of hairy mid green leaves it produces distinctive spikes of branching stems like candelabras smothered with pale creamy white or yellow flowers. 

Flowering from mid to late summer, in poor alkaline soils the spikes remain upright, but will grow larger and need more support in a fertile soil.  Naturally found in Europe and Asia in habitats defined as being disturbed by man such as building sites as well as meadows, it is a striking architectural candidate for a gravel or wildlife garden, attracting pollinators in their droves. 

Please note that this is a biennial Verbascum. Keep seed from faded blooms or allow it to self sow.