POLYGONATUM verticillatum Rubrum'

Part shade
Fertile soil
Reasonable soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread: 90cm x 30cm

Tall and elegant, this form of Soloman's Seal has upright purple speckled stems with rings of narrow green leaves set at intervals up the stem like the spokes of a wheel.  From these leaf axils dangle nodding pale pink flushed reddish-purple tubular flowers in a charming display from May to June.  Once the flowers fade, pink berries form extending the season of interest in the garden further.

An unusual plant for the shade, even deep shade, it is naturally found in woodlands with fertile, moist but free draining soil, across a wide area of Asia, including China and the Himalayas.  Contrast its delicate form against bolder foliage plants such as HOSTA, or let it soar through layers of other planting including HELLEBORUS, TIARELLA and EPIMEDIUM.  Keep an eye out for the tendrils that form at the upper part of the stems, they reach out and grab support where they can.