VIOLA odorata 'Rose'

Part shade
Fertile soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread:  10cm x 20cm

From late winter into early spring Viola odorata 'Rose' puts on a sweetly scented display of delicate rosy-pink flowers that demurely hover above dainty heart-shaped green foliage.  While your other herbaceous plants are taking a rest, 'Rose' will happily keep flowering, with just an occasional tidy up of faded blooms to encourage more.

Thriving in a humus-rich soil in part shade, it is a definite 'must-have' for a woodland garden, where it will gently creep along the surface of the ground.  Alternatively plant it beneath shrubs or roses to extend your garden's season of interest.  We like to plant it in window boxes or containers sited close to a door on the shadier side of the house to enjoy its delicious colour and fragrance best, plus pick for small vases.   

Available for Mail Order from April - August