VIOLA 'The Czar' (Vt)

Part shade
Fertile soil
100% Peat Free
Pot Size


Viola 'The Czar' (Vt)

Height x Spread: 10cm x 15cm

This perennial has large dark purple flowers that burst from their buds during early spring. Green heart-shaped leaves with slightly toothed margins, create a mat beneath the blooms.

This is a delightful violet, perfect for adding colour to woodland gardens or for under planting deciduous shrubs. Often used in containers 'The Czar' makes a wonderful companion for small spring flowering bulbs. Plant towards the front of your borders to enable you to enjoy the fragrance from this violet. Cut back after flowering to maintain the plants compact habit. Part shade and humus-rich soils are the desired conditions for 'The Czar'. 

* (Vt) refers to single-flowered forms and hybrids of Viola odorata commonly known as Sweet Violets.