LEUCANTHEMUM vulgare 'Maikonigin'

Well drained soil
Pollinator friendly
Pot Size


Height x Spread:  60cm x 40cm

An early summer flowering form of ox-eye daisy, 'Maikonigin' stands out for its cheerful display of large single white daisy flowers, each with a sunny yellow centre, that lasts from May until the end of June. 

New to the nursery in 2017, we were impressed by its strong first flush of flowers, then cut it back and were delighted to get a second smaller flush in September.  Tough and hardy, it can hold its own in a meadow or orchard against grasses and other vigorous plants, whilst luring in bees and butterflies.  It will do the same in your garden, whether planted in groups at the front of a sunny border or in a container on a south facing terrace.  Easy to grow, it prefers a site with free draining soil in full sun.  A great cut flower.