SAXIFRAGA (London Pride Group) 'Miss Chambers' (11)

Part shade
Reasonable soil
Well drained soil
Pollinator friendly
100% Peat Free
Pot Size


Saxifraga (London Pride Group) 'Miss Chambers' (11)

Height x Spread: 20cm x 30cm

This mat forming evergreen perennial has dark green, glossy leaves arranged in rosettes. It spreads via stolons (over-ground creeping stems) and is fully hardy in the UK. 

From April to June it will send up red flushed stems with loose heads of small, pink, star-shaped flowers. Happiest in light shade it will tolerate full sun. Any soil type and any pH are fine as long as the soil is free draining. This plant can become quite drought tolerant once established. Ideal for Rock, gravel and scree gardens as well as raised beds and garden borders. It works well near the front of the border and with Hosta, Brunnera, Epimedium, Ferns and Digitalis