CROCOSMIA 'Antique Gold'

Part shade
Reasonable soil
Pot Size


Crocosmia 'Antique Gold'

Height x Spread: 75cm x 50cm

Native to South Africa, like its breeder, Southampton based Ken Rigney, theses sun loving plants come into their own in late Summer, with arching stems clothed in riotously bright, star shaped flowers. An early Summer rainstorm will do wonders for improving the flowering of these clump forming perennials, so if its dry, try and give them a soaking once every couple of weeks up to mid-Summer. They also do well if given a high potash feed in late Spring.

‘Antique Gold’ has strap like foliage, tinted bronze, which acts as a perfect foil for the rich golden orange flowers which appear from late Summer into Autumn. Happiest in bright sun or part shade in any good soil, this plant will create a good-sized clump which can be divided every four or five years if needed.

The intensity of colour makes it an ideal companion for other late Summer show offs like Helenium, Aster and their kin, Salvia, Dahlia and arching grasses.

Ideal for cottage garden, courtyard, architectural, city and coastal gardens, these plants are easy to care for and very unfussy. They are also great as long-lasting, cut flowers.