ECHINACEA 'Red Pearl' (Pearl Series)

Reasonable soil
Pollinator friendly
Pot Size


Echinacea 'Red Pearl' (Pearl Series)

Height x Spread:  50cm x 35cm

At the height of summer, it can be hard for individual plants to stand out in the ongoing floral display, but 'Red Pearl's large lipstick red single flowers command attention.  Neat, upright and compact with shiny, green foliage, it just keeps on producing bloom after bloom from mid summer through to mid autumn, especially when regularly deadheaded or cut for arrangements. 

Gently fading to a pinky tangerine as they age, the mixture of fresh and older blooms on an individual plant adds further interest and texture.  A strong statement plant for a sunny container, 'Red Pearl' also adds real pzazz to any 'hot' themed planting scheme preferring a sunny site in good, moist but free draining soil.  Bees love it.