CLEMATIS 'Multi Blue'

Part shade
Reasonable soil
Pot Size


Clematis 'Multi Blue' (EL)

Height x Spread: 400cm x 100cm

The flowers of this deciduous climber are a large, rich blue as the flowers mature they become fully double. It’s central tepals can be light in colour with frothy, pale tips.

Best when planted in a partially shaded area of the garden, this will prevent the flowers fading in the sunshine. 

Plant a few cm deeper than it is in the pot, in alkaline soil which is moist but well drained. This is to ensure that the roots stay cool.

Blooming twice a year, this plant can be pruned to the 2nd set of  buds on each stem in Feb - March. You can also cut them back by half after the first flush of flowers have faded and the plant will send up new growth that will flower with smaller and often single flowers from August to September.