GERANIUM Cinereum group 'Rothbury Gem'

Well drained soil
RHS Award of Garden Merit
Pollinator friendly
Pot Size


Geranium (Cinereum Group) Rothbury Gem ('Gerfos'PBR)

Height x Spread:  15cm x 25cm

Cute as a button, 'Rothbury Gem' may be small in stature but packs quite a punch in the garden.  In late spring it starts to flower with large pale pink blooms with delicate magenta veining that peek out just above a neat mound of  dark greyish-green foliage that will slowly creep as it grows.  This initial display is followed by others through the summer as it can rebloom several times if the conditions are right..    

Preferring a free draining soil and sun, it is a charming candidate for a gravel or rock garden but also works well as edging to a path or as pretty and effective groundcover, keeping the weeds at bay.  Easy to look after its nectar-rich flowers are much beloved by bees and other pollinators.