GALATELLA linosyris

Well drained soil
Pot Size


Galatella linosyris

Height x Spread:  60cm x 30cm

This unusual British native goes by the charming moniker of 'Goldilocks Aster', a pretty apt description.  Flowering in autumn, it produces clusters of slightly shaggy pincushion flowers, each a sunny golden yellow, held on slender green stems flanked by closely packed fine green foliage.  With time more and more stems develop creating a dense, tactile plant.  

An interesting and attractive talking point for the garden, it is hardier than it looks and thrives in a free draining soil in full sun.  Showcase its naturalistic good looks in a gravel garden combined with bolder silver grey foliage plants such as Stacys byzantina or make room for it in your wildlife or cutting garden, where the pollinators will seek it out. 

Synonym. Aster linosyris