LYSIMACHIA paridiformis var. stenophylla

Part shade
Fertile soil
Moisture retentive soil
Reasonable soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread:  30 x 55cm

Now for something a little different, a LYSIMACHIA that prefers the shade.  It is rather unusual in looks too, bearing tight clusters of vibrant yellow flowers each with a reddish centre, each cluster being set off by a glossy ruff of narrow leaves.  Long flowering from midsummer deep into autumn it is perfect for lighting up slightly shadier parts of the garden.  Once the flowers have faded, the foliage continues adding interest over the winter and does not need to be cut back until the spring when new foliage starts to emerge. 

Originating from China, it can cope with any reasonable soil except very wet, poorly drained ones and can tolerate sunnier positions too once established.  Ideal for woodland settings try combining it with ornamental ferns and herbaceous perennials such as ACHILLEA ptarmica and HOSTA for an interesting combination of colour and texture.