RANUNCULUS aconitifolius

Part shade
Fertile soil
Moisture retentive soil
Pot Size


Ranunculus aconitifolius

Height x Spread: 30cm x 60cm

Commonly known as Aconite Buttercup or Fair maids of France, Ranunculus aconitifolius has dark green, lobed foliage  with toothed margins much like an Aconitum. Single, pure white flowers with a yellow centre are held on upright, branching stems during spring. This non-invasive Ranunculus is summer deciduous, after flowering it will die away becoming dormant throughout the summer months, before reappearing the flowing spring. Be careful not to mistakenly dig it up.

Great for moist, woodland areas or under-planting trees and shrubs. R. aconitifolius  is also happy to grow in boggy situations in full sun. Native to Central Europe

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