SILPHIUM perfoliatum 'J. S. Maya'

Reasonable soil
Well drained soil
Pollinator friendly
Pot Size


Silphium perfoliatum 'J. S. Maya'

Height x Spread:  80cm x 45cm

While the profusion of sunny slightly informal yellow daisy flowers that 'J. S. Maya' produces will remind you of the naturally occurring Silphium perfoliatum, its size will not.  Bred to be smaller and better suited to a garden situation than its giant 2.5m high relative, its late summer flowering season is perfect for bridging the 'August slump', adding much needed colour before the autumn flowering perennials get going.  

Its foliage is interesting too being large, coarse and blue-green in hue, it makes a good foil to display other plants against before the main floral event starts.  Thriving in full sun and free draining soil, its naturalistic good looks combine well with ornamental grasses plus Achillea, Cota tinctoria and Salvia for a prairie style planting scheme.  Great for a wildlife garden too as pollinators love it.