VERBASCUM blattaria f.albiflorum

Reasonable soil
Pollinator friendly
100% Peat Free
Pot Size


Verbascum blattaria f. albiflorum

Height x Spread: 100cm x 45cm

This is a white form of Moth Mullein. 'White Blush' has dark crimson buds that open to reveal smashing pure white flowers with a pink blush and sensational purple stamens during late summer. The flower spikes appear over rough textured basal rosettes that are oak-leaf shaped. 'White Blush' is a biennial but is happy to self-seed.

Moth Mullein is quite happy in any soil providing it does not get waterlogged. Sun or dappled shade are the perfect situations for this biennial. Coastal gardens, gravel gardens and your beds and borders are ideal for this plant. They may benefit from staking in very exposed settings.

Available for Mail Order from April - August

This Plant is featured within - Rosy's Planting Plan for a Drought Resistant Border