VIOLA 'Baronne Alice de Rothschild' (Vt)

Part shade
Fertile soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread: 15cm x 30cm

An exquisite Sweet Violet with dark purple flowers like elegant headdresses gently bobbing on slender stems above a slowly spreading mat of green leaves.  Despite its small size, it is tough and hardworking, flowering from late winter into early spring.  Regular deadheading will encourage further flowers. 

It has a delicious scent, so plant it where you can appreciate it best such as in an external planter close to a frequently used door or a window box.  Needing a fertile, preferably humus rich soil in part shade to thrive, it is a delightful addition to a woodland garden or mixed border planted beneath shrubs and roses to inject early season colour. 

Available for Mail Order from April - August