SANTOLINA pinnata ssp. neapolitana 'Edward Bowles'

Well drained soil
Pot Size


Height x Spread: 45cm x 45cm

A small, evergreen form of 'rosemary-leaved cotton lavender', it carries soft yellow button flowers, that develop from small creamy buds, over fine, deeply divided rosemary-like foliage. Aromatic leaves. A good hair-cut in spring after frosts have finished will encourage fresh growth.

This popular cottage garden plant is ideal for that sun-baked spot in your bed, which is very free draining and lacking in nutrients. It loves our chalky soil here, but can also tolerate more acidic to neutral pH soils too. A good candidate for edging sunny paths, or planted in groups at the front of a border, it looks very effective framed in a gravel or rock garden. Combines well with blues, pinks and purples. It thrives in poor, thin soils that are well drained in full sun.