GERANIUM pratense 'Midnight Ghost'

Part shade
Reasonable soil
Pollinator friendly
Pot Size


Height x Spread:  20cm x 40cm

'Midnight Ghost' boasts a delicious colour combination of white single flowers married with darkest purple, deeply divided foliage from May into June and sometimes beyond.  At the nursery we like plants that work hard and add value to the garden and this is certainly one of them.  Its fine foliage makes a perfect planting partner, highlighting colours and tones in adjacent plants even after the delicate flowers have finished.

Like other forms of GERANIUM pratense, it is easy to grow and look after, preferring a spot in either sun or part shade and any fairly fertile, reasonable soil.  It looks wonderful planted in drifts along the front of a border or combine it with deep purples and silvers for an eye-catching display in a container.   Either way the bees and other pollinators will seek out its nectar-rich flowers.