Cottage garden plants with Rosy Hardy | Virtual Chelsea Flower Show

IF you watched the RHS Virtual Chelsea Flower Show video with Rosy talking about a few of the perennials which had been destined for our RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2020 display you may have been eager to get your hands on an accompanying plant list. 

Well, as they say better late than never! 

Please find below Rosy's Plant list in order of appearance with accompanying notes regarding key points of interest. 

And if you haven't seen Rosy's video here is the link - Enjoy! 





Perennials for shade

  • SAXIFRAGA umbrosa - Shade loving but will take some sun, prefers a moist soil.  Flowers from May until end of June. Easy to grow. Commonly know as London Pride although other plants also bear this common name. 

  • SILENE fimbriata - One of the Bladderwort Campions. Lime green foliage with white, cup shaped, fringed flowers - a brilliant plant for brightening up areas of shade. Forms clumps of approx. 60cm wide and can reach a flowering height of 100cm. Easy to grow in either moist or dry soil conditions. 

  • VALERIANA pyrenaica - A tall, architectural perennial reaching between 150cm & 170cm under ideal growing conditions - it prefers a moisture retentive soil. Soft pink, perfumed flowers. It will seed around.

  • PERSICARIA bistorta 'Superba'  Runs around, ideal for filling large areas or areas where nothing else will grow - just dig it out if it starts to spread too far. Bees and butterflies love this plant. Flowers prolifically. 

  • ASTRANTIA 'Burgundy Manor'  We launched this plant at RHS Chelsea in about 2011. Dark stems and very large, deep burgundy flowers. Flowers freely throughout the summer. Forms good clumps! 

  • VIOLA 'Avril Lawson' (Va) Large dark purple flowers.  A vigorous viola which if allowed will climb up through shrubs/hedges. Cut back to encourage it to flower throughout the season and if desired to keep its growth controlled.  Loves the shade and will grow in virtually any soil type. 

  • MELITTIS melissophyllum 'Royal Velvet Distinction' PBR - Grows to form tidy clumps, happy in dry shade. This is a cultivated form of one of our native, woodland plants. It's pollinated by moths and beetles. 

  • POLYGONATUM x hybridum - Slowly forms large clumps. Happiest when growing in a woodland environment. White Flowers drop from tall, arching stems.  

  • ACTAEA simplex 'Pink Spike'  - Although this plant flowers in autumn it provides superb purple foliage early in the season. This foliage helps to highlight other plants within the planting scheme. It works well in combination with MELITTIS melissophyllum 'Royal Velvet Distinction'  and also the ASTRANTIA 'Burgundy Manor'


Perennials for sun 

  • GEUM 'Scarlet Tempest' PBR - One of the new highly floriferous hybrid Geums, launched by Hardy's about 5 years ago, it flowers from March through until September.  Grows to between 45cm and 60cm in height and width. Performs best in full sun and any reasonable soil. 
  • GEUM 'Totally Tangerine' PBR - Just a "Cracking Plant ! " . Flowers from May onwards. A middle to back of the border perennial. Launched by Hardy's at RHS Chelsea a few years ago since when it has become a favourite with many RHS Chelsea Garden designers due to its dependability. 

  • CENTAUREA montana 'Joyce' - Large pink flowers, better behaved than other Centaurea montana - it spreads slowly. With deadheading this plant will bloom until the end of July. Easy to grow in full sun and a free-draining soil. 

  • SALVIA nemorosa 'Crystal Blue' (Color Spires Series) -  unusually for a Salvia nemorosa this one has soft blue flowers. Growing to approx 50cm in height and width, it holds itself up well.  Deadhead to prolong flowering. 


Click here for a printable version of Rosy's plant list